The heart of every successful business lies in its people, their performance and motivation. Business yoga is your solution for an engaged, productive and healthy workforce. We develop and integrate tailor-made business yoga programs into your workplace, resulting in stress release, energy boosts and productivity improvement.

  Recharge and re-energize

We enable your employees to keep a clear focus and a calm mind in everyday work life. We bring physical and mental relief allowing your team to recharge their battery and re-energize. We integrate stress release and productivity boost techniques into the daily routine of your workforce. Business yoga helps you build a high-performing, motivated workforce for your business acceleration.
Business Yoga - Iryna Business Yoga

Business Yoga

Bringing physical and mental relief, a boost of energy and productivity, inspiration, and balance to your business.
Mindfulness - Iryna Business Yoga


Integrating mindfulness techniques into the daily routine of your team results in improvement of concentration and focus.
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Time to disconnect and recharge. Our yoga retreats and workshops are inspiring for creativity and team collaboration.
Our business yoga programs involve yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques. We tailor these healthy living pillars to your needs and business environment. Each of our business yoga programs is an experience leading to physical and mental relief, and a gradual mind and body transformation of your workforce.

  Healthy, stress-free and motivated teams

Stress and anxiety relief, back pain relief, better sleep, more focus, and a calm mind are some of the many benefits highlighted by participants of our business yoga programs. A healthy, stress-free and motivated team is more engaged, collaborative and driven to succeed. Embedding our business yoga programs into the daily routine of your workforce will take your business to the next level.
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Tailor-made solutions for release of stress, increase of energy, and boost of productivity in your business.
Yoga Styles - Iryna Business Yoga

Yoga Styles

We guide you to select and integrate various yoga styles that work best for your team and in your office.
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Learn what participants of our business yoga programs say about their transformational experience.

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